Thursday, October 8, 2009


OK so for a while now I've lost all faith in blogging , not only does no one read unpopular blogs but when they do they don't even comment . Come on its not that hard even if the blog your reading sucks you should comment on it and let the person know , that way they stop writ ting sucky blogs.
i was just reading this blog and this girl was trashing Kanye for what he said about Taylor Swift and it was a well written blog whoever no one had commented on it why is that? does it really take that much time to write something like that's cool dude or hey maybe you had better to take a creative writing class kid ? come on people just give a comment here there and every where.

P!nk in concert

So i went to see on Monday. it's her funhouse tour . The concert was at Madison square garden.

The concert was amazing and i mean AMAZING from she scantly clad clothing to her amazing vocals and stunts i was just blown way . Seeing P!nk in person is really the only thing I've ever really wanted to do with my life... that and sleep with her but the second one isn't going to happen so I'm just happy with having met her.

At first i thought i wasn't going to be able to go because the concert was sold out but due to seer luck i was able to get promotional tickets . I swear that was the best day of my entire life .

now that I've done this my life is complete i need a new purpose now what shall it be? I'm going to go and ponder about that . any suggestions?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

bye 4 now

my summer job is over it sucked big time the only good part about it was the money .... life is hard i know, off topic i know any way I'm leaving the country for a bit need to find a new surrounding some place i can be my self be at ease ... at least i don't have to be around people ... they have a way of screwing me over then again its human nature survival of the fittest . when i come back i promise to be changed and have a new out look on the way i see things... the way i think if you can't join the race you need to quit the Marathon I'm just getting started... peace out ppl

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


My mind said don't but my heart said yes and my friend pressed send. it's funny really how simple things can be so complicated ... or maybe its just me. i do have a way of turning simple things into nightmares i need to be more chill like you told me ................

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

year books!!!

to day we got our year books yay i look surprisingly awesome .... however it wasn't the good bye's and the can i sign that that made me sparkle with joy it was my editor and friend telling me she loved my piece in the school paper I've never felt so touched so meaningful it made me happy so I'm glad i got something out of the day. " whats the purpose of life if you don't get anything out of it?". another thing i found out today was of my small group of friends 4 out of 20 of us are graduating... heh i guess my brain juice didn't leak out on them heh.
any way latter earthlings :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

the last day of school

So to day was the last day of school it could have been better had I not had a crappy weekend. How was my weekend crappy you ask well last week I got the- wait for it- swine flu heh no really I swore I was fine however no one listens to someone on the verge of passing out? Any was I’m still alive yay, and I’m getting a job bigger ( it's not really related but i still wanted to share ) yay.
any way it was really weird at school I didn't see any one I knew it’s like every one was kidnapped by gremlins and they left me behind :( .... any way I can't get over the fact I didn't see any one to day ....

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This in fact was the worst day ever. My class of the day starts at 10:37 am so I got on to the train at 9:3o something I really wanted to be the only senior in school. Well that plan was a flopper because I got picked up by the police for not being in school, now these assholes (except for 1 or 2) were the most unreasonable people I've every meet!!!! So basically my day was ruined....
The prom was ok couple of celebrities none all that great enough to get face time but it was ok...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hummmm so i was down a little towards the end of May but I'm OK now I'm a trooper, my fave person moved to Michigan and i really miss her… Have you ever had a person whom you can truly tell every thing about your self to? Some one you aren’t scared to open up to about the deep dark stuff inside, some one who really gets you and you get them and they are just so easy to understand you just love them and want to spent you every second with them but you don't because to much of a good thing is a bad thing. Well she was all that to me.

It’s really odd actually the next day I also lost another friend … but any way I’m all better now and Friday is prom!!! I know I really didn’t want to go but like so many other things its important things in life Prom just falls on the top 50. I am almost positive I won’t have fun but at the same time a bunch of celebrities are going to be there so might as well show up just to get a picture.

Graduation is also around the corner June 24th to be exact … and to top every thing off I turn 18 one month from today.

Isn’t it funny that when you’re a child you wish you were older so you can make your own rules, eat all the junk food possible and no veggies, stay up late, watch what ever end basically do what ever you want but then you reach that point in life, you wish you could go back escape all the responsibilities be young and in a sense feel free. I panic at that if I could hardly survive high school then how will I do in the big people’s world?

Any way here my closing statement “3 day's till prom 1 weeks till school ends 3 weeks till graduation 3 months till college ...4 yrs @ Fashion w/ a bunch of crazy people, a bunch of unforgettable memories and a hectic senior yr...priceless : )”

Saturday, April 25, 2009

i suck as a person

OK so lately I've been acting like a jerk to people i don't mean to be a jerk to, but no one ever asked me why .... i guess why doesn't matter i always say just because you have issues doesn't mean you should take it out on everyone ... but i guess i can be a hypocrite. i wouldn't even be my friend . i can change but whats the use if i'm being a saint and every one else sucks there's no point in being a saint . i hate being the bigger person i hate having to act older while the older people act like they are imbeciles ..... still that doesn't excuse the behavior i have been exhibiting ... i really don't get myself sometimes .... I'm really sorry about my behavior at times but its just so bloody complicated before i can fix others i have to fix my self .... someone recommend i find a descent well rounded figure to idolize not a celebrity like a person i know and can emulate .... in the mean time i have i rather long list of apologies to get to until then...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The irratated push over.

I wrote my first critic the other day the words just flowed out as I typed. I really had no idea where I was going with it but when I was done I was really happy with my self. I also learned something new about my self I would actually make a really good bitch. I really felt good about what I wrote because I didn't feel though I had to lie to protect any ones emotions. I’ve been really irritated lately because I feel taken advantage of. People want me to do for them what they wouldn't do for me. People take advantage of the fact that I’m a nice person and just keep irritating me. So for once I wrote what I wanted without fear or second thought. I look at my self and wonder is it to late to change.... should I just be the lame person people push over or the bitch that every one hates?
I just need a change of scenery a change away from Manhattan that is really all I need. Not that people in Manhattan are the only irritants in my life … we have the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and other places too.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

listing to stuff.

What does one write when they have nothing to say? Well I figured I’d just sit here and write what ever comes to mind. I’m listing to misery business by paramour. It’s an ok song you might have notices that I have some Taylor swift stuff up I currently like her, she’s no P!nk but her music is good. O.k. now I was just watching some Tegan and Sara videos. I thank the person who broadened my mind a little more by recommending them. I really like “The Con" by them. Well I should really get going loads of work to do. Say if any one has an artist or group that they would like to share please do I’m up for any thing.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Why don't you just tell me to "F" off then?

Je pense que je suis une bonne personne ainsi dites-moi pourquoi jamais temps j'essaye de faire à sentir d'u un meilleur u non seulement m'éloigner mais u font ainsi d'une manière dont me fait la merveille pourquoi j'essaye même. Est-ce qu'u veulent-ils intentionnellement que j'aille ? Dites-moi… J'aime la manière u parvenue pour tourner mon jour parfait à une nuit moche que je remercie u de celui. Peux être je juste accroîtrai une paire et la sucerai vers le haut ..................... quel jamais homme - plus tard

Friday, January 23, 2009

How can I hate what I never knew?

Left to stew
You used me
Then threw me
I thought I knew you;
Obviously I didn't
And not just for the obvious reasons.
I stood up for my self today
And your proud words I don't need to hear you say.
You left me...
You left me after promising you'd never leave,
Never go away.
But when the better option came along,
The obvious one in your hearth,
You left.
You lied to me; you made me believe you,
I even fell in love with you.
I don't hate you
I can't hate you,
How can I hate what I never knew?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

still alive :)

ok I’m alive and alls not so bad any more I guess all that had to be done was for time to pass with a cool head on my shoulders. Yep I’m one calm and collected person. How was my day? It started out stressful I was in school but I only attended 3 classes and did my work. I re meet the freshman I met on the first day of school I found out she's born June 22 making her a cancer like me :) I experimented with some psychology to see what type of person she was and it turns out she's allot like this girl I know or thought I knew before.... not important any way I think she's cool ... for a freshie lol. Any way I have a paper due I had better go write that.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I’m hoping to have a hearth attack before tomorrow

Grrrr I hate my life I’m hoping to have a hearth attack before tomorrow and die so that all the stress on me can fly back into the ass cracks of the people who put the stress on me in the first place. Since there is no way to even get any of this crap done I quit. I’m not going to pop pills and webcam my death, I will however just keep this nerve racking death chest pain thing going and hope that leads to a hearth attack. ................................................. If I succeed I hope you've all enjoyed my blog, in a later life people:)