Thursday, October 8, 2009


OK so for a while now I've lost all faith in blogging , not only does no one read unpopular blogs but when they do they don't even comment . Come on its not that hard even if the blog your reading sucks you should comment on it and let the person know , that way they stop writ ting sucky blogs.
i was just reading this blog and this girl was trashing Kanye for what he said about Taylor Swift and it was a well written blog whoever no one had commented on it why is that? does it really take that much time to write something like that's cool dude or hey maybe you had better to take a creative writing class kid ? come on people just give a comment here there and every where.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes, blogging isn't just about recieving comments. I know mine is more of a venting space, an emotional release. That doesn't require someone elses comments to make it whole.