Tuesday, July 29, 2008

meeting new people

while at gym today i decided to approach this girl that i don't know to talk to her because she looks and seems cool. i found out that she had had a kidney operation and was out of school for 3 months but the gym teacher still failed her.not fair i know. we then started talking about other things ; she wants to be a form of dentist one that doesn't pull teeth out, shes been accepted to the university of Michigan she starts in august . we moved on to talking about celebrities , the ones we have meet and how they behave and stuff . we both agree that all celebs need to treat their fans with the uth most respect ( like Avril Lavigne whom i meet and love).

I mean without the fans they would be nothing!.

i felt good after i spoke to her i like meating new people!.

Monday, July 28, 2008

i sometimes wonder

I've just finished reading the lonely bones by Alice Sebold, I've been reading it on and off for months. the story's about a girl who gets raped and murdered, after she dies she follows her friends and family while they deal with the loss of her. she refusing to let them go prevented her from completely moving on.as the girl watched from above , watching her family get torn by her death she got a better understanding of them...
i sometimes wonder ...

i spend my days looking of excitement, being held back by my over protective mother.
but now i wonder should i enjoy these moments of forced companionship, would they be enjoyed by some one who's life was cut short?.

Monday, July 21, 2008

सुम्मेर school

today was the first day of summer school . i woke up early and was ready to go by 6:30
when i got to school i was first greeted by posers who pretend to be my friends, or at least I'm their friend if they can see me.
i didn't mind them i was happy at least Lem wasn't there .(Lem is a girl I'm not on friendly relations with because she believes every thing people say with out verifying the truth ) well so i thought , i was headed across the auditorium to say hi to another acquaintance when i turned the corner and there she was . oh great i thought why is she here she couldn't possibly have failed the U.S history regent again (this will be the forth time shes taking that test) well of course i spotted her in a u.s history class not paying attention.
your probably wondering why I'm talking so big i have summer school too, well that would be because i only have it for a gym class i failed while i was sick.

other than that uncomfortable meetimg the rest of my day was pleasant.