Monday, July 21, 2008

सुम्मेर school

today was the first day of summer school . i woke up early and was ready to go by 6:30
when i got to school i was first greeted by posers who pretend to be my friends, or at least I'm their friend if they can see me.
i didn't mind them i was happy at least Lem wasn't there .(Lem is a girl I'm not on friendly relations with because she believes every thing people say with out verifying the truth ) well so i thought , i was headed across the auditorium to say hi to another acquaintance when i turned the corner and there she was . oh great i thought why is she here she couldn't possibly have failed the U.S history regent again (this will be the forth time shes taking that test) well of course i spotted her in a u.s history class not paying attention.
your probably wondering why I'm talking so big i have summer school too, well that would be because i only have it for a gym class i failed while i was sick.

other than that uncomfortable meetimg the rest of my day was pleasant.

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