Monday, November 24, 2008

what more can i say?

Here is what really happened last may. I must get this off my chest so it can stop killing me. I never lied to lem. Chriz said I did but I never did. I wouldn't I ... I respected her to much to do such a thing. She was my friend she made me laugh she took care of me. I knew better than to betray that. I may have been a pain in the butt occasionally but that’s how I show I care. If I could I would beat the living crap out of chriz because she is a lying a**hole. Pheww ... but if I could go back in time and fix every thing I don’t even know where I would begin. Changing the past isn't an option so I give up on that, but maybe some day one day I’ll let lem know what really happened. I don't care if she believes me or not I just want her to hear my side..... “She’s a pearl in a black see”.

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Unwelcome Sound said...

If a person has been lying about you to someone that you care about, you should definitely tell them the truth, or else they'll have a negative attitude towards you, and that's unfair.