Thursday, November 6, 2008

The nakedness

O.M.G yesterday I was walking through the locker room when all of a sudden I saw..... Ha-Ha you thought I was going to tell you an interesting up seen story but I’m not I am how ever working on getting a lobotomy to delete the traumatic experience my brain went through heheheheh oh it burns I believe my eyes have been scared for life. Any way I took my year book pictures yesterday I was very creped out when some girl was like she liked my body. I’m not homophobic or anything but still it’s creepy. Then I was traumatized by seeing a practically naked person whom I.... never wanted to see naked because that changes the entire way I think of them and now I shall never be the same , lets not mention I had traumatic nightmares of naked people chasing me . I swear I’m not going in to any more locker rooms I have the kind of luck where I see very disturbing stuff for example this summer I saw two people doing "it" in the locker room all naked and every thing ewwwwww here where I end this before I puke.

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