Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hummmm so i was down a little towards the end of May but I'm OK now I'm a trooper, my fave person moved to Michigan and i really miss her… Have you ever had a person whom you can truly tell every thing about your self to? Some one you aren’t scared to open up to about the deep dark stuff inside, some one who really gets you and you get them and they are just so easy to understand you just love them and want to spent you every second with them but you don't because to much of a good thing is a bad thing. Well she was all that to me.

It’s really odd actually the next day I also lost another friend … but any way I’m all better now and Friday is prom!!! I know I really didn’t want to go but like so many other things its important things in life Prom just falls on the top 50. I am almost positive I won’t have fun but at the same time a bunch of celebrities are going to be there so might as well show up just to get a picture.

Graduation is also around the corner June 24th to be exact … and to top every thing off I turn 18 one month from today.

Isn’t it funny that when you’re a child you wish you were older so you can make your own rules, eat all the junk food possible and no veggies, stay up late, watch what ever end basically do what ever you want but then you reach that point in life, you wish you could go back escape all the responsibilities be young and in a sense feel free. I panic at that if I could hardly survive high school then how will I do in the big people’s world?

Any way here my closing statement “3 day's till prom 1 weeks till school ends 3 weeks till graduation 3 months till college ...4 yrs @ Fashion w/ a bunch of crazy people, a bunch of unforgettable memories and a hectic senior yr...priceless : )”

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