Saturday, April 25, 2009

i suck as a person

OK so lately I've been acting like a jerk to people i don't mean to be a jerk to, but no one ever asked me why .... i guess why doesn't matter i always say just because you have issues doesn't mean you should take it out on everyone ... but i guess i can be a hypocrite. i wouldn't even be my friend . i can change but whats the use if i'm being a saint and every one else sucks there's no point in being a saint . i hate being the bigger person i hate having to act older while the older people act like they are imbeciles ..... still that doesn't excuse the behavior i have been exhibiting ... i really don't get myself sometimes .... I'm really sorry about my behavior at times but its just so bloody complicated before i can fix others i have to fix my self .... someone recommend i find a descent well rounded figure to idolize not a celebrity like a person i know and can emulate .... in the mean time i have i rather long list of apologies to get to until then...

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