Friday, January 22, 2010

People change.

At times it just breaks my heart when I realize the world around me is changing and I'm stuck in the past. People change, the times have changed . No longer do we live in a time where the man of the house bust through the door with a bouquet of flowers and his suitcase in his arm expelling "honey I'm home". No longer is a wife expected to stay home and take care of her four family and dog house. Times have changed yes. As a woman who isn't interested I'm sitting at home baby sitting for a man, I'm not too disappointed that that in particular has changed .
Back in the day celebrities spent more time with their fans they weren't scared of them as I read an article/blog written by one of my favorite bands I was astonished that they of all people have finally conformed to the new society norm for celebrities . I guess us fans have brought it upon our selves . John Lennon was killed by an obsessed fan who wanted to be him. John Hinckley Jr an obsessed man who tried to assassinate the president of the united states to prove his love for Jodie foster. There are many more world class total creeps who ruin it. For the rest of use but that just shows the world is changing.
Gay people .
There have been gay people since the beginning of time . It wasn't even that long ago that being gay meant you were going to be committed to the mental hospital . People felt that it was a mental illness to love someone of your own gender . People have changed , some people anyway. And though I am not a fan of change I am glad that, that is one change people have actcepted , some people anyway. In Canada , Americas hat gay marrige is allowed . You'd think that a place like America a supposed melting pot of all kinds of people would be more actcepting but they are not. You'd think that finally after over coming bias behavior, discrimination, dogmatism, fanaticism, injustice, Jim Crowism, narrow-mindedness, partiality, provincialism, racialism, racism, sectarianism, sexism, unfairness and bigotry that the citizens of the united states wouldn't understand that all men are created equal regardless of thier sexual prefrences . It astonishes me to see that it's alright for a man or woman to hore around with the opposite sex and catch lots of twisted illnesses but it's wrong for two men or two women to just love each other . That's just so wrong on so many levels.
People change alright bit do they learn? As a young adult honestly questioning my self the people around me, my government, the world. I on many circumstances shake my head in shame. People change but before they do they disapoint . Whether it's a change for good or a change for bad change in it self will hurt those around that you care about.

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