Friday, October 10, 2008

The bird is the word


I had an epiphany the other day. I don’t remember what it was but I just wanted to let the world know.
Hmm what’s new worth these days? The economy? Lindsay lohan? (I personally think she rocks 7/2 all cancers rock except tom cruise) terrorist? Or that I am no longer single and I’m in the best relationship ever!!! Hmmm oh I’m at one with the world I have no anger I have no hate I am a shinny example of what every person on the face of this earth with my name and birthday should be like :). From now on as often as possible I’ll give you 1001 ways to do well. To day’s thing is " do well globally" adopt an acre of vital wetlands. the African wet lands are in danger. Your support can help save these important migration areas. Check
So yeah i'ma go find some thing to do peace.

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the em said...

wow. Do I detect a hint of sarcasm, or are you being genuine?