Friday, September 26, 2008

the worst dance ever!!!

Today I went to the worst dance of my life. It sucked so badly I wanted to cry. my ears nearly bleed from the horrid selection of music .the bumping and grinding was so up scene it could have been a porno , people wonder why fashion has a gossip page ( gossip) the girls in my school (excluding some) are the slutiest females on this planet that’s why. In my opinion it’s no party with out DJ Samantha Ronson (but we can’t afford her so oh well).
On the bright side I spent my entire time texting my one true love :)
Oh I wish I had a phone!
You know the other day I was on the train and this orthodox Jewish guy came in , I noticed there were a lot of reactions to him I felt the entire section I was in tense up some I’m thinking WFT he’s still human who cares what religion he practices I was so upset. I know what it’s liked to be judged conventional conformist with no lives. So I pitied the dude.


the em said...

I'm sorry your dance sucked. But I'm glad you had a nice time with your one true love =P.
I love different people. They make me feel happy inside because they don't care to conform. Sometimes I wish I could be different in something obvious like that so I could stand up and represent what I believe in.

Unwelcome Sound said...

My last post that you commented on, those were song lyrics. You should go on YouTube and find the song. It's called Margie and is by Heathers. They are incredible.