Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Invalid ...

So the other day I was mulled by a cat .. Don't laugh it's not funny. I can't use my right arm the feeling has been lost . I'm really pissed about it because I'm right handed and I now have to rely on my left hand for stuff , like typing this blog for example.
Here's how it happened , it was a lovely Saturday here in New York I had intentions of hanging out in my room watching television , drawing and enjoying good old amazing music on my iPod when all of a sudden a crazy, berserk orange cat ran madly into my room attacking a kitten that so happened to be laying on my bed . Instinctively I jumped up and started to chase the crazy cat. To my dismay it was completely mental , it did a 360' jump, wrapped itself around my arm and started biting and scratching . I don't quit remember what happened next but I do remember looking down on at my arm. My arm was completely covered in blood , just as I started going into shock my mom entered my room and saw what happened and got me to calm the fudge down . Luckily for it ( the cat) I was in to much shock to cut it's guts out and feed it to him with my bare hands.
Now that I'm some what sane and rational I realize it's really petty for me to want nothing more than to do something horrible the cat... As my mom mentioned when she saw the murderous look on my face "it's just a dumb beast."
Is it fair though ? I mean It could have killed me . But because it's IQ is lower than mine it gets away with it . That doesn't seem right to me . As I sit here typing with one arm in serious pain I feel nothing but resentment for the animal. I can't draw , I can't paint, I can't feed myself, I can't enjoy a good nights sleep and I can't kill the damn thing or have it put down. For some reason that doesn't compute well in my head and yet I fogive it...

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Unwelcome Sound said...

if it hurt you it could definitely get put down!
I hope you feel better soon x