Thursday, August 14, 2008

altinate ending part 4(2) final edition

He stared heading for me I screamed dropping my lap top, and falling back in to the mirror.
To my surprise I didn't hear the shattering of glass.
A sudden coldness over came me for some reason I was drenched in some kind of cold goo.
I stood up, utter darkness I reached for my back pocket of my trusted lighter.
I flicked it on and held it up I stared at the boy. He was attempting to break the mirror but it didn’t seem to be working "you'll be safe here" I heard a voice say I jerked around.

It was only me, my self form at a younger age. I relaxed “can he get in?" I asked " no this is your safe haven remember?" I looked around it all came back to me when I was younger my folks had a home and one day while playing in the yard I saw a hole and crawled in. inside was a little cave every day after school I would come home grad a snack and some book's and go into my cave, my shell, my safe haven. There nothing could hurt me, there were no adult's having heated arguments, no kids could pick on me there.

The question was why I was back there and who was that psycho trying to kill me?

“If you wish it, it shall be" said my mini me “what?" she repeated herself “if you wish it, it shall be"
“Why can’t any one just say what they mean? I hate riddles! And any thing mind boggling. I just want to go home and blog!" "If that’s what I become I don’t want to be you" she turned walked to a corner and sat down.
I stood there looking ashamed of my self what was I becoming the only thing I ever cared about was blogging. It had become like an addiction.

my inability to be the way I was kept me trapped in my own head while my body laid in a hospital bed aging and wasting away in a coma.

Then one day as I sat in my corner I said “I wish I could go home, I wish I could see my friends and family one more time”
I finally understood that there was more to life than blogging that there was more to life than sitting at my laptop. And if given a second chance I would go out there and live my life.

I then woke up back in my room.

"That was the strangest effing dream ever!" said getting up from my bed
I should blogg this.

The end

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the em said...

Whoaaaa..... Whoaaaaa.... whoa. Good work buddy! That was very interesting, I'll say. I like it =P.