Thursday, August 21, 2008

its my body right?

O.k. so I asked my mom of I could get a piercing she said no.
I then asked her if I could get a tattoo she said no.
Later on I asked if I could dye my hair she ignored me and when I kept bugging her she threatened to ground me.

It my body right? So why can’t I just do what I feel?

Why do parents have a control over us? Why can’t they just give us money and let us live our lives and of course be there once we do some thing stupid that they probably would have told us no to?

So since my mom wouldn’t let me I cut my hair ... short I now have pinks hair cut, and there nothing my mom can do.
Last I checked she couldn’t make hair grow out of thin air.

I’m happy with my new do and she has no choice but to be happy to.... at least I didn’t go back to my Mohawk right?

Who care it’s my body and I can do what I want with it!


the em said...

Wow, good work!

Unwelcome Sound said...

I wanted my labret pierced since I was thirteen, but my mum said I had to wait until I was eighteen [of course she was hoping I would have 'grown out of the idea' by then]. Obviously, I never stopped wanting it done, and when I got it done, aged eighteen, there was nothing she could say. She kept hoping I would hate it, but almost three years on, I still love it =]