Monday, August 11, 2008

what is blogging?part 2

back in my room,
sitting on my bed with my laptop
blogging i hear a a diffrent voice asking
me when i will stop

"I'll stop when I'm done" i said

i miss hanging out with you like i used to
said the voice

my curiosity go the better of me
i looked up .
sitting at the end of my bed was a little girl
I'd never seen her in my life yet alone played with her
who was she what did she want and why couldn't she let
me just blog in Peace?
" who are you ?" i ask
" you know who i am " she respond
losing patience i snapped " obviously not if i had to ask"

she frowned " you weren't always like this, you've changed"
giving up on the intruder of my room i returned to blogging

so are you coming or what she asked
i ignored her hoping she would just go away and get out.....


the em said...

tell me there's going to be a part three...?
~the em~

fairydust said...

whos the little it still a younger you?