Monday, August 11, 2008

traped in my head

..... here goes . lately I've been trapped in my head not wanting to leave . i cant stand being out of my mind for to long . searching for true love in the wrong places, wanting to be some body ,wanting to be nobody, torn.

sometimes i think of what it would be like to be open and true to my self

but the thought of that scares me . wanting to make every body happy . mama said i was a freak for what i did so i went in my Shell like the crab i am . i want to be happy but it doesn't fit into my schedul . the only time i feel safe is while I'm in a dark room processing photo's of the life i wised i had . i plaster on a smile every morning because i hear that's what I'm supposed to do . lost... .

the mind the sole most complicated place after the heart. if my world were less complicated I'd have clones so i wouldn't feel so alone.

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