Tuesday, August 12, 2008

whats blogging? part 3

Several minutes past.
She must be gone I thought
Looking up.


This time she was not alone.
A familiar looking boy was sitting
Next to her.

o.k. I thought I didn’t hear him come in,
"your still here I see” I said” and you invited
Your friend?"

They looked at me “well when you’re done you can join us for tea"
replied the girl in a haughty voice.

Getting annoyed I stood up and walked to the door of my room
if they weren't going to leave I was. I needed peace and quiet
to blog and if there was going to be a disturbance it was only
going to be caused by the sounds of Pink. As I passed my closet
door I caught a glimpse of my self at the age of five or maybe six
I stopped.

“Do you see now" said the little girl
"I don’t get it" I responded still steering at my self
"What is it you want from me?" I turn around to face the
little girl but where she last stood was an adolescent girl
about the age of fifteen with blood spilling from the gapping
wounds on her face .the boy that had been there was an adolescent
now himself , and he was holding the bloody knife
“O.k. “I cried “what did you do”
He looked up as though realizing I was standing there and
then he started heading my way........


fairydust said...

keep writing =O

the em said...

Oh gawd with all this cliff hanger you will be the death of me woman!!! Gah... you, keep going with this! That is not a request =P.